Equipment Vendors

Equipment Vendors

I remember the last time this happened. We were stuck out at Spade Hardware. I think it was the year-end inventory when the whole system went down. It was a damn circus.

Of course the ISP guy had no clue what was going on and that software guy kept swearing that it had to be our equipment.

We switched out the servers and changed the connectors. Nothing changed. We tried everything we could think of.

It was like 8:00 at night and Steve’s obnoxious wife kept calling every five minutes to see when he was coming home. The Spade general manger was out for blood but we knew it wasn’t our equipment.

Thankfully, my buddy from Bit by Bit Analytics showed up. He knew exactly what to look for. He brought a bunch of testing equipment with him and got to work right away. Before we knew it, he had isolated the cause and had the problem fixed.

He told me later that the whole thing was because of something that jackass IT administrator at Spade Hardware did.

No shit.

Does this problem sound familiar?

Bit by Bit Analytics provides reliable application and hardware testing and avoid the chaos that could erupt if your systems were to go haywire.

Keep your customers satisfied by bringing in an unbiased expert to ensure that hardware and software you introduce will run smoothly. Bit by Bit Analytics; your solution is just a phone call away.

Lets Do This

Bit by Bit Analytics uses state of the art equipment to identify, isolate and resolve data communication issues. Whether you are working proof of concept, a service or equipment installation, we can help you ensure that your system runs smoothly day after day.

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