Service Providers

Service Providers

I wish we could figure out what the heck is going on. It’s not like we are doing anything different. What does a shoe store need with some high tech system anyway? It’s just sales and inventory, pretty basic.

That’s why headquarters has an IT guy. As long as we have people coming in to buy shoes, that’s good enough for me.

Yeah, well you should worry about it. If they keep having a problem getting their money from the credit card companies, do you really think it won’t touch us?

You know what; I’m going to go call my brother. He knows a guy who can help us. Last night I told him how our credit card transactions keep getting hung up.

The next morning, Bit by Bit Analytics was at Shoes Unlimited USA headquarters. As it turned out, there was a glitch in the software on the main server. It was preventing the transactions from being processed in real time. They came in and quickly isolated the issue, identified the problem and got it fixed before we knew it.

Does this problem sound familiar?

Bit by Bit Analytics provides reliable application and hardware testing and avoid the chaos that could erupt if your systems were to go haywire.

Keep your customers satisfied by bringing in an unbiased expert to ensure that hardware and software you introduce will run smoothly. Bit by Bit Analytics; your solution is just a phone call away.

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Bit by Bit Analytics uses state of the art equipment to identify, isolate and resolve data communication issues. Whether you are working proof of concept, a service or equipment installation, we can help you ensure that your system runs smoothly day after day.

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