If your company relies on the transfer of information, you need to know Bit by Bit Analytics. You can rely on our troubleshooting analysis when problems arise and proof of concept testing of emerging technologies and system integration.

Today Bit by Bit Analytics helps companies throughout the country avert data communications disasters. With expert knowledge of emerging technologies, hardware and software, our systems engineers are able to provide any level of support required. All of our work is fully insured.

Principal Engineer Mark White oversees all of Bit by Bit Analytics’ projects. His areas of technical expertise include:

  • Fault identification and isolation
  • Hardware and software evaluation
  • Protocol Analysis
  • Advanced troubleshooting
  • Network baseline services
  • Systems maintenance

There has YET to be a technical problem that Mark has NOT been able to resolve. Armed with a calming aura, he stands ready for any challenge. He seeks out opportunities to share his passion for data communication system testing by giving informational presentations to students and business professionals.

Bit by Bit Analytics is completely independent and does not engage in the sales or promotion of any third party products or services. We seek only to satisfy your requirements.

Lets Do This

Bit by Bit Analytics uses state of the art equipment to identify, isolate and resolve data communication issues. Whether you are working proof of concept, a service or equipment installation, we can help you ensure that your system runs smoothly day after day.

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Check out these videos where Bit by Bit Analytics President Mark White speaks about his professional background and current business focus.